About this site

This website was set up in 2019 by Dr Rob Endicott BDS, (Roving Dental Seditionist) as a response to the many questions sent in by people across the UK trying to find a suitable practice that can meet their needs.

Dental anxiety is a huge problem, especially in the UK and many patients avoid having treatment until the worse happens. Over the years, we have seen mouths destroyed by years of avoidance, and lives made a great deal worse through pain, embarrassment and early ageing.

This website was set up to be an easy way of linking those patients with the practice near to them who can help. Some patients have had experience of IV sedation and want the same, some have had treatment successfully under Inhalation Sedation and some people have a crippling fear of needles and would benefit from oral or Intranasal Sedation. Finding the practices who offer those has always been difficult.

A lot of sedationists have also been accredited to act as mentors of those practitioners undergoing training. This website has also been set up to cater for those practitioners as well, allowing an easy search of accredited mentors close to the trainee.

The information provided on this website has been given to us by the practitioners themselves and the directory does not take any responsibility for an errors. We will adhere to the GDC standards on advertising and will remove any posting that is deemed to be misleading or does not adhere to the guidelines.