About us

Clinical excellence, pioneering vision and a formidable roster of clinicians make The Bristol Dental Practice different.

Patients are treated by our multi-disciplinary, specialist dental team seven days a week in our gorgeous, listed, five-storey Georgian townhouse on Queen Square, located in the heart of Bristol’s city centre.

Welcome to world class dentistry in the South West.

Opening hours

  • 8am-6pm Mon to Thurs
  • 8am-5pm Fri
  • 9am-5pm Sat
  • 10am-4pm Sun

Our team comprises some of the most respected specialist and general dentists in the South West, who routinely consult in hospitals and other prominent medical establishments. Our clinicians are also made up of industry leading researchers, key opinion leaders and university lecturers. They are involved in training future generations of dentists and specialists.

Our team

  • is large and multi-disciplinary
  • receives referrals from across the South West
  • comprises lead consultants, university lecturers, and key opinion leaders
  • is highly trained and experienced

All of our advanced procedures are based on proven scientific evidence. Further, access to our renowned clinicians under one roof seven days a week means that our patients receive a standard of care that is world class.

Multi-disciplinary specialist care all under one roof

Dentists from across the South West refer patients to us for the most complex treatments. Those patients who wish to have all of their dental needs managed in just one location can join The Bristol Dental Practice and benefit from our innovative technology and wide-ranging expertise every time.

Faster access to care, better results

Our in-house, multi-disciplinary clinical team creates perfectly predictable results across a full range of innovative treatments, including Digital Smile Design. Being open seven days a week means we can also offer faster access to care, with a lower risk of complications and better long-term outcomes for our patients.

Pioneering leadership

The Bristol Dental Practice is different for another reason too, our pioneering leadership. Our principal dentist is Dr Jonathan Cochrane, the youngest dentist to have received a Master’s degree in Dental Implantology from the University of Bristol and the first British dentist to be awarded a Certificate in Implant Dentistry by the German Board of Oral Implantology.

He is already known, at just 30 years of age, as a key opinion leader and spokesperson for various international dental implant and bone regeneration product companies. In addition, Dr Cochrane is seen as a well-respected and rising star in the UK field of implant dentistry. He has assembled a comprehensive team in which to develop Bristol’s first private dental hospital, which also includes the development of a post-graduate dental teaching and dental nursing apprentice academy.

Dr Jonathan Cochrane

  • rising star and industry key opinion leader
  • plans development of Bristol’s first private dental hospital
  • plans development of post-graduate dental teaching and dental nursing apprentice academy
  • youngest to receive a Master’s degree in Dental Implantology from the University of Bristol
  • first Brit to receive a Certificate in Implant Dentistry from the German Board of Oral Implantology